Jon Brouchoud

I take on both very large, and very small projects, and work in a wide variety of virtual world and game development platforms. If your project exceeds my personal bandwidth, I can draw upon a trusted network of the best and brightest consultants to suit the specific needs of your project. ┬áIf you’re a developer, and need an extra team member, I can be brought in for freelance, full-time or part-time work, depending on your needs.

Conceptual Design

My design process starts with several mini-models or pen and ink sketches at a very broad-stroke level, and are gradually refined with client feedback until a full-scale final build is created.

3D modeling

Models can be generated in professional external software for platforms that support mesh imports, or built in-world using primitive modeling tools.


I offer online ‘virtual’ training sessions and workshops, or can travel to your organization for more in-depth on training.


If you’re not sure what to build, how to build it, or which platform to build with, I can provide strategic direction based on your requirements.

Machinima (Video) Capture and Editing

I have extensive experience capturing and editing